Welcome to the Edmonton Elite Football Club

Here We Come

The Edmonton Elite Football Club is one of the newest teams to join the Alberta Football League (AFL) for the 2020 season. The Edmonton Area has a vast wealth of football players, athletes and fans of the game. We are looking at tapping into this stream of football wealth to bring a new and exciting brand of football back to the Edmonton Area.  At this moment we believe that we could bring together a club that is competitive, well supported and ultimately successful, both provincially and nationally as apart of the Canadian Major Football Leagues (CMFL).

Our Role

The Edmonton Elite Football Club affords many athletes in the Edmonton Area a chance to continue their football careers whether it’s after their respective high school, CJFL, USports and CFL careers, while they work laborious jobs or successful careers, athletes looking for the opportunity to go to the next level and also for the fans of football who would like to give contact football a try. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to build a Semi-Professional brand of football in the Edmonton Area that affords athletes the ability to continue their football careers in an environment that is competitive, successful and enjoyable; with the goal of securing our status as AFL Champions and ultimately National Champions within the CMFL ranks.